Hey! Welcome! Glad you had decided to join the wonderful community of Whovians Anonymous. First of all, no pressure. The people are friendly, and everyone loves newcomers - there's no reason to be anxious. Introduce yourself! Tell people who you are! But don't pressure them too much, otherwise that's going to be no fun for anybody.

Okay, thanks for the welcome. Now what do I do?Edit

//play minecraft, you cucumber. That's what you're doing. That's how you play on WA. Jesus.//

The RanksEdit

When I first came on the server, I have to admit, the thing I was puzzled most by were the ranks. Why did some people have letters and the others symbols? Which ones were the donors, who was staff and who was an ordinary player? Well...

Now, I hear this thing mentioned pretty often. And this other thing. And generally I don't have much of an idea as to what the people are talking about.Edit

If you mean one specific thing, chances are, you mean the TARDIS //author's note - add hyperlink to TARDIS wikipage once created, which will contain the entire TARDIS guide and some other info// - and in the case you have two options. Either click that link and read about the TARDIS in its entirety, which, I mean, will make you a god, but sure will take a LOT of time //(not as much time as it took writing that article though)//, or...

... Read this quick and handy guide with the ultimate TARDIS basics!Edit

//add what a TARDIS is, how it works, blah blah blah, crafting (different consoles, why you can't have some), etc etc, warn about circuits,

Useful commandsEdit

//./rtp, etc etc//

And if I need help?Edit

//talk about staff but how people can also help you and stuff//

Well, I know what a TARDIS is. I also know the rules of WA and have quite a few commands up my sleeve. Now what?Edit

From now on, it is completely up to you! The objective is, have as much fun as you can! You can do whatever you want - create your very first TARDIS, build a fort, a mansion, //ADD MORE THINGS THAT PEOPLE CAN DO// anything, really! Just follow the rules and have fun.


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