Ranks are what keep the server fresh and exciting to new players. it's free to get these ranks, but can take time, and even some resources. On this page you'll find all the free ranks, and what perks they grant.

Gallifreyan Edit

Gallifreyan is the server's starting rank. Nothing is needed to obtain this position. Gallifreyans have access to the following tardis consoles: Budget, Wood, Redstone, Sandstone, 4th Doctor's, Bigger Console, Steampunk, And the ARS Console. The Gallifreyan rank also has access to the following tags: Gallifreyan, Outsider, and Compainion.

Jr.Timelord Edit

Jr.Timelord is the server's second rank. It takes eight hours to obtain. Jr.Timelords have access to everything above, plus the following: War Doctor's Console, Jr.Timelord tag, Jr.Timelady tag, and the ARS.

Timelord Edit

Timelord is the server's third rank. It takes one day and eight hours, along with two emeralds to obtain.

Timelords have access to everything above, plus the following: Tenth's Doctor's Console, Eleventh Doctor's Console, Twelfth Doctor's console, Timelord tag, Tamelady tag, and the Temporal Locator.

Cardinal Edit

Cardinal is the server's forth rank. It takes two days of playtime, along with a diamond block to obtain. Cardinals have access to everything above, plus the following: The Cardinal tag, and the ability to place a working Rift Manipulator.

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