Whovians Anonymous is constantly monitored by staff , they range from Trial Moderators to the Head Admin. The staff are there to help you whenever you need it, they can help with questions about the wide range of plugins that is used on the server, general questions and checking griefs and stopping arguments. They also monitor the chat to avoid swears and advertising.

Staff Ranks :

Trial Mod - This rank is the first rank you will get when becoming staff. This is only a trial and should end within a few weeks.Trial Mods help keep chat safe, same as Moderators. Trial Mods also lack more powerful commands.

Moderator - This rank is the lowest real staff rank which you get after passing the trial. Moderators keep chat clean and friendly, while being able to help with many player issues.

Admin - This rank is after Moderator and is a good rank to get to. Admins are the ones who keep a watchful eye over the server to help enforce the rules.

Senior Admin - This rank is gained when you are Admin for quite awhile and are good at your job. Senior Admins are given a fair bit more power, and have more say on things in general.

Head Admin - This rank is owned by LegoDragon2015. You are not able to earn this rank. It has access to all of the above commands and /gm.

Head of Staff - A Discord only rank given to Tmellen. It's unknown if a server equivalent will be given at any point.

Builder - A position given to you if your builder application is accepted. Builders build things for the server under the guidance of the Head Builder. There is no on-server builder rank at the moment.

Staff Members: -------------------------------

Shimeshi - Owner

WaffleMcluvin - Owner

LegoDragon2015 - Head Admin

Nimueh - Senior Admin

Tmellen - Senior Admin

Bookshelf028 - Admin

Bojka_76 - Admin/Builder

Lokolava - Admin

TFB_CHELSEA - Moderator

TeslaWolf - Moderator

Erock596 - Moderator

Duck2Lord - Trial Mod

EvanlynRose - Builder

VictoriaJewel - Builder

(Some of these are rather opinionated due to not being written by a person of utmost intelligence)


Shimeshi is the main owner of Whovians Anonymous. He always helps when he can and helps the server continue to grow. He is very nice and is respected and looked up to. He is 18 and lives in America.


Waffle cannot be discribed in one mere bio. The second owner of Whovians Anonymous, though not as invested as Shimeshi.

LegoDragon2015 :


Possibly the most dedicated person to the server besides the owners. 



Cool, level headed Admin that can answer most questions with ease.



Writes his own bio, because nobody can tell him what to do. (He also wrote most of this page!)


He's a Duck, he's also staff. A funny and helpful bird.

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